All the Fees associated with PayMix’s products can be seen below. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us for further clarification.

Card Fee  
1Card Purchase fee (Chargeable on order)€12.00
2Card Activation feeFREE
3Annual Card fee (Chargeable on card activation and every annual anniversary thereafter)€12.00
4Card Replacement fee (Chargeable on order)€12.00
5Card Renewal fee (Chargeable on order)€12.00
Account Fee  
1Application feeFree
2Account Maintenance FeeFree
Transaction Fees  
1ATM Withdrawal Fees € 5.00
2ATM PIN Unblock/PIN change € 1.00
3PIN Block/Unblock through Web PortalFREE
4PIN Change request through Web Portal – PIN sent through SMS€ 0.50
5PIN Change request through Web Portal – PIN sent through Mail€ 1.50
7POS InterregionalFREE
8Unique transactions & Payments (Amounts < EUR 1,000)€ 1.00
9Unique transactions & Payments (Amounts > EUR 1,001)€ 2.50
10Refund transactionsFREE
11Cash advance through POS at Banks1.1% (Min EUR 8.00)
12FX fee3%
13Load through Bank Transfers (Effective 4th June 2016)
- Up to € 10,000 Free
- Over € 10,000 € 4
14eWallet to eWallet Transfers – Payable by Sender€ 0.50
15eWallet to eWallet Transfers – Payable by receiverFREE
16SEPA Outward Payment (Amounts < EUR 1,000)€ 1.00
17SEPA Outward Payment (Amounts > EUR 1,001)€ 3.50
18Non SEPA Outward Payments (Amounts < EUR 2,000)€ 15.00*
19Non SEPA Outward Payments (Amounts EUR 2,001 to EUR 20,000)€ 35.00*
20Non SEPA Outward Payments (Amounts > EUR 20,001)€ 50.00*
21Chargeback handling – per chargeback€ 25.00
22Information provided for audit purposes€ 30.00
23Information provided for audit purposes - urgent issue within 3 days€ 70.00
24Information provided in printed format upon client request € 30.00
25Information provided in printed format upon client request - urgent issue within 3 days€ 70.00
26Information provided in printed format to other third parties upon client request € 70.00
27Inactive/Dormant account fee (Refer to Note 1)€ 50.00
28Cancellation fee (Refer to Note 2)€ 70.00
29Rejected Payments€ 20.00**
30Provision of additional information of executed payment/change of payment instruction after dispatch of payment/processing of application for intermediation of payment/processing of payment order due to missing or incorrect data. € 20.00**
31Load through Credit/Debit Cards3% (Min EUR 1.50)
32Load through Sofort2% (Min EUR 1.00)
33Negative/Shortfall fee€ 20.00
34Refund fee (in the event that incoming funds are returned to beneficiary)SEPA/Non SEPA fees apply
35Balance Enquiry Fee € 1.00